Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p
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Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p

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Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720pPeppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p. Download Peppermint 2018 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p

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Movie Overview

Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p An unidentified woman is engaged in a brutal fight with a man in a car and finally dispatches him with a shot to the head.

Five years earlier, the same woman, Riley North, is working as a banker in Los Angeles struggling to make ends meet. Her husband Chris owns a failing mechanic shop. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Carly. Chris’s friend tries to talk him into robbing Diego Garcia, a powerful drug lord. Chris turns him down, but not before Garcia has already discovered his involvement and ordered his men to make an example of him. Riley and Chris take Carly out for pizza and to a carnival for her birthday since no one showed up to her party. At the carnival, Carly orders peppermint ice cream (hence the film’s title). As the family walks to the car, Diego’s men gun down her husband and daughter in a drive-by shooting. She is wounded but survives.

Despite her injuries, Riley is able to positively identify the shooters. The detectives handling the case are hesitant to pursue charges against the three, as they are members of Garcia’s drug cartel, who wields considerable influence. Detective Beltran explains to his partner Carmichael that the last detective who tried to bring Garcia to justice was found murdered and his badge placed inside his own police station locker.

Prior to the preliminary hearing, Riley is visited by the perpetrators’ lawyer, who tries to bribe her. She refuses the bribe, but the lawyer notices she has anti-psychotic medication at home and uses this information to paint her as an unreliable witness. Judge Stevens, who is secretly on the cartel’s payroll, declares there is insufficient evidence to allow the perpetrators to stand trial and dismisses the case, while the prosecuting lawyers do nothing. Outraged, Riley tries to attack her family’s killers, but is tasered and placed on a psychiatric hold in a mental institution. En route, she escapes and vanishes.

Five years later, Detectives Beltran and Carmichael arrive at the site of the carnival and find the three shooters hanging from a ferris wheel, having been executed by Riley. The executions attract the attention of FBI agent Lisa Inman, who meets with Beltran and Carmichael. Inman explains that before vanishing, Riley robbed the bank she used to work at, and that she has now returned, having robbed a gun store of various assault rifles and ammunition.

Riley executes Judge Stevens by blowing up his house, having already killed the defense and prosecution lawyers involved, deaths which Inman, Carmichael and Beltran learn of after the explosion. They decide to tell the media about Riley, which causes a debate on social media between those who see her as a hero and those who see her as a criminal.

Riley heads to a business that is a front for Diego’s money laundering, where she kills most of his men, save for one she interrogates. Diego realizes Riley is responsible for his recent shipments going missing and resolves to kill her. Meanwhile, Inman discovers Riley has been living on Skid Row, owing to recent changes to crime patterns in the area. She finds Riley’s van, which is filled with the stolen weapons, and learns that the people there see Riley as their guardian angel for keeping them safe.


Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p

Peppermint 2018 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p
Full Name: Peppermint 2018
Release Date: 7 September 2018 (USA)
Length: 1h 41min
Size: 872 MB
Quality: HD 720p
Genres: Action , Drama , Thriller
Language: English
Cast: Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz

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