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Spider-Man 2002 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Dual Audio

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Spider-Man 2002 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Dual AudioSpider-Man 2002 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Dual Audio. Download Spider-Man 2002 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Spider-Man 2002 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Dual Audio

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Movie Overview

Spider-Man 2002 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Dual Audio High-school senior Peter Parker lives with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and is a school outcast and bully victim. On a school field trip, he visits a genetics laboratory with his friend Harry Osborn and unwitting love interest Mary Jane Watson. There, Peter is bitten by a genetically engineered “super spider.” Shortly after arriving home, he becomes ill and falls unconscious. Meanwhile, Harry’s father, scientist Norman Osborn, owner of Oscorp, is trying to secure an important military weapons contract. He experiments on himself with an unstable performance-enhancing chemical. After absorbing the chemical, he goes insane, kills his assistant, and destroys the laboratory.

The next morning, Peter finds that he is no longer near-sighted, and his body has metamorphosized into a more muscular physique. At school, he finds that his body can produce webs from the wrists, and his quickened reflexes let him avoid injury during a confrontation with Flash Thompson. Peter discovers he has developed superhuman speed, strength, the ability to stick to surfaces, and a heightened ability to sense danger.

Brushing off Ben’s advice that “with great power comes great responsibility,” Peter considers impressing Mary Jane with a car. He enters an underground wrestling tournament and wins his first match, but the promoter cheats him out of his prize money. When a thief suddenly raids the promoter’s office, Peter allows him to escape in revenge. Moments later, he discovers that Ben has been carjacked and shot, dying in Peter’s arms. Overcome with anger and vengeance, Peter corners, subdues and tries to kill the carjacker, but hesitates when he sees it is the thief that he let escape. The thief attempts to flee, but trips and falls out a window to his death instead. Meanwhile, a crazed Norman interrupts a military experiment and, using weaponry from his research, kills several scientists and the military’s General Slocum.

Spider-Man 2002 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Dual Audio
Full Name: Spider-Man 2002
Release Date: 3 May 2002 (USA)
Size: 891 MB
Length: 2h 1min
Quality: Bluray
Genres: Action, Adventure
Language: English | Hindi
Cast: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe
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